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London Hexagonal Late fees

There was a late fee system in London from the 1790’s. By the payment of an extra 6d a letter could be handed in 7:00pm and 7:45pm at the Chief Office of the General Post after the closing of the mails and secure its despatch the same night. From the late 1850’s to the 1870’s…

London 2012 Olympic Games Dummy Stamps.

A recent auction purchase included a pane of six London 2012 Olympic Games Dummy Stamps.  having no knowledge of the stamps I did a little research which I share below. The stamps were produced for use in internal end to end tests undertaken by some Post Office branches in April 2012.  A letter dated 14…

The Story Behind A Cover

I recently bought a number of covers from an Indian dealer which included an Air Mail cover addressed to J W Young Esq, OBE.  My interest was aroused when I read the second and third lines of the address: ‘Finance Member, Jodhpur State Council.  The cover was addressed to 16 St James Square, London, SW1. …

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